• Atticus Finch gave Gregory Peck an opportunity to play himself.

    -Harper Lee

  • A man of wit, love of family, a man of character and nobility.
    He was a wonder. He was a gift.

    -Lauren Bacall

  • By the nature of the films he chose to make,
    you can learn how to be a better man.

    -Tom Hanks

  • He was then, and he will always be, just my Atticus.

    – Mary Badham

  • Gregory Peck wrote himself into our lives with his talent,
    his magnetism, his subtlety, his force, and his intelligence.

    – Martin Scorsese

  • His humanity encourages us to feel what we long for in a father,
    in our social system, in our country, and within each other.

    – Laura Dern

  • He spoke for those who were not being heard.
    He spoke for them often, and often he made a difference.

    – Harry Belafonte