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The Gregory Peck Award: For Excellence in the Art of Film


The Gregory Peck family partnered with the Dingle International Film Festival from 2007-1018 to present The Gregory Peck Award For Excellence in the Art of Film, a career achievement award.
Recipients of the Gregory Peck Award in Dingle were:

2008 – Gabriel Byrne,
2009 – Jim Sheridan,
2010 – Stephen Frears
2011 – Jean Jacques Beineix
2012 – Laura Dern

Established in 2007 by founder Maurice Galway, the Dingle Film Festival closed in 2018 due to financial reasons. Notable guests included Garrett Brown, Ned DowdAidan Gillen, sound engineer Tom JohnsonSarah MilesCillian MurphyBarry KeoghanBarbara KoppleMaureen O HaraSir Alan ParkerJack ReynorSaoirse Ronan, and Scott Wilson.

Gregory’s great grandmother Catherine Ashe hailed from Annascaul in the Dingle Peninsula, and Gregory Peck was a cousin to Thomas Ashe, founding member and battalion commander of the Irish Volunteers during the Easter Rising who later died in prison as the result of a hunger strike. The Peck family has ongoing strong family ties to Dingle and County Kerry.