Sensitive and Kind

by Melba

While studying at Princeton with Cecilia I got the great privilege of meeting Mr. Peck on various occasions. Aside from being the gentleman he projected on the screen, he was extremely sensitive and kind. When we arrived at a restaurant at Princeton during one of his many visits (we had been chatting on the way over) and I was as nervous as any 22 year old could be chatting with a super Hollywood legend, he sensed this, and when someone was directing where everyone should sit, he interrupted and said “I think Melba and I would like to continue our conversation” and that was settled! What a way to make one feel special! Every time I met him he was particularly kind to the small girl from Puerto Rico way out of her depths, without any trace of condescension, just natural friendliness and kindness and showing me he liked me! Of his acting skills it would be senseless to praise him as everyone knows what a supremely talented actor he was!