The Best Birthday Present Ever

by Aimee Mobley

For my 17th birthday, I received tickets to attend “A Conversation With Gregory Peck” in Denver, CO.  He was 79 years old at the time.  My Mom went with me and afterwards, we were very fortunate enough to visit with him for just a minute.  When we walked up to the table where he and Veronique were sitting, he stood up to greet us.  He shook my hand and I just couldn’t even speak.  Mom introduced us and told him that we had come for my birthday.  He asked how old I was.  I finally found my voice and told him 17.  He smiled and said, “Seventeen is a good age.”  He shook Mom’s hand and asked what our last name was.   Then he took my hand again and held on to it while he said, “Go and have a good life.”  I will never forget his tenderness and sweet words to me.  Thank you Mr. Peck.  I have had a very good life.