So much to learn from TKAM

by Jeri

TKAM has been and will be my favorite book and movie. I am an English teacher and I have never grown tired of teaching this novel. I have learned something new each time I have taught it. When my boys were young, they saw me read it over and over, correct papers on it and Atticus Finch became a staple in our family. They loved the novel when they had to read it in high school and we’re delighted when they were more knowledgeable in their class when it came to discussing the novels themes. Its place in our lives was solidified one year when my eldest gave me a new edition for Christmas. It warmed my heart knowing how profound an effect it had on them. Their love of reading came from my love of that novel. The movie with Gregory Peck was the icing on the cake. I watch it at least once a year, normally at Christmas time when memories are so much more meaningful. This book and Atticus Finch are woven into the fabric of my life.