My adoration for Gregory Peck

by Blossom

In Eight Grade, my teacher had us watch To Kill A Mockingbird. While watching, I was completely enamored with Mr Peck, and his portrayal of Atticus.

Later in the year, COVID 19 hit, and with that, came with a ton of mental health issues that I had to endure. I became reclusive and anxious, and left me completely lonely. These had a lasting impact on me when coming back in person as a Sophomore in high school, I didn’t have a social life whatsoever, making me extremely depressed, and unable to attend school.

One of these days that I was not present at school, my mother urged me to watch a film with her. I accepted, and  She chose Roman Holiday. I was met again with Gregory Peck, and his performance with Audrey Hepburn filled me with warmth once again. The film was the warmest hug I desperately needed.

I am now Sixteen entering my Senior year, and I am happy to report that I am in a healthy friend group, and have grown more social. I watch Gregory Peck films whenever I’m sad, they never fail to fill me with happiness.