His impact on me

by Raeann Shockey

This actor has made such an impact on me words can’t describe. The first time I ever saw him was in the To Kill a Mockingbird movie. And ever since that shot, my mind has always been on him. When I make  decisions, I think to myself “what would Greg do?” And it always turns out the right decision. He feels like I know him, Gregory feels like I have known him for a long time. He impacted me the most when he went out of his way to put Audrey’s name above the title with his on Roman Holiday. This shows that he thought about others before himself. I have always done this, but now I do it more. My dad got me tickets to go see To Kill a Mockingbird and I freaked out. And the best was when Cecilia followed me on insta and commented on a post. I actually cried because I was soooo happy that his daughter took the time to like and comment on my photo🥰