Happy 103rd Birthday, Mr. Peck

by Jane Leonardo-Riebe

When I was a child in the summertime there was always an older movie. It was called ‘The Late Show.’ My mom would let me stay up at around 10 years old and watch them with her. My first sight of you was in Roman Holiday. I was just a young girl but I knew that you were a Prince. What I loved about that film was the scene on the barge. I remember laughing until my stomach hurt. Then the car scene. Your eyes and mouth conveyed your deep sadness. I think it was then that I knew you were special. No one since that long ago day has replaced you for me. As I grew older I read everything I could about you. I came to learn what a good, fair and lovely man you were. Every movie that you made I would watch when I had the opportunity. You are in my prayers, thoughts, and heart today. Thank you, for everything you did in front and behind the camera.