Gregory Peck was my Mother’s favorite Actor

by Sharing Atukorala

I am from Sri Lanka. I came to know about Mr. Gregory Peck through my parents especially from  my Mother. Both my parents are from the Gregory Peck and World War I and II eras. My mother loved Mr. Peck and would always be talking of him.  Years later I would go to a DVD shop and get some of the films downloaded on to DVD.

My favorite movies of his are Roman Holiday, The Scarlet and the Black,  The Keys of the Kingdom, On the Beach, General McARTHUR, 12 O’Clock High and The Purple Plain, which was filmed in my country then known as “Ceylon” and now as Sri Lanka.  It makes me proud to know that Mr. Peck came to our country to star in the film “The Purple Plain. ” He also stayed in  one of our prestigious Hotels, the Galle Face Hotel during filming.

His voice I  could recognize anywhere and you can just sit and listen to him speak for ages. He was the most handsome and kind person i ever saw on screen.  I keep watching his movies over and over again and never get tired of watching them.  My attention and eyes are only on that one person Mr.Gregory Peck.

I am thankful to my Mother for having introduced me to one of the greatest of  Hollywood stars Mr. Gregory Peck.  An actor who will live on in our hearts and memories and who shall be always treasured all our life.

May the Holy Triple Gem be with him, and may God Bless his beautiful family.