Discovery of Gregory Peck

by Colleen Nel

I’m almost 43 and from South Africa. I first discovered Gregory’s name about a year or two ago, but I only started watching his movies since November last year and yes I’m not going to lie I immediately fell in love with him and his acting. I just wish I could meet him and it makes me very sad to think that I never got the chance. 😥 I’ve seen some YouTube videos of him and from what I’ve seen so far I can tell that he definitely had a wonderful personality. So, I would say when it comes to looks, charm, that voice and personality, God definitely took some extra time there… 😍😉 I even decided to name him “Mr Gregorgeous”. Sorry fellow fans I’m willing to share him with you as Gregory Peck, but he is and always will be MY Mr Gregorgeous. ❤️