by Cheri

I was very young, maybe four or five, when To Kill A Mockingbird was shown on television.  I was quite the tomboy and loved Scout immediately.  But Atticus was mesmerizing.  Always calm, always fair, always doing the right thing.  I wanted him to be my dad so bad it hurt.  Honestly, I still do!  Knowing there were men this good in the world gave me great hope and I was lucky enough to marry one.  I knew what to look for, knew what I wanted and did not settle for less.  I have seen every Gregory Peck movie ever made and still love him to this day.

To Kill A Mockingbird was the first time I saw how unfair the world could be, I was devastated.  While I remain an idealistic human being that first lesson in the importance of doing the right thing remains in my heart and I always have hope.