A Memory to Make Me Smile

by Vicki Smith

When I was in college, I became a tutor for a young boy who lived in Beverly Hills, as I did. I was very fond of  the young boy and when asked to attend a Little League baseball game in which he was playing, I was delighted to accept. While there, I suddenly spotted Gregory  Peck. I was thrilled! He had a son whon was also playing.

A raffle was held at the game’s end, and Greg Peck was asked  to do the honors; reach into the bowl to pick the winning ticket. He reached in, and did so, called out the number, and to his embarrassment, the winner was his son!

With his usual charm and with a chuckle he said “Don’t worry folks, this raffle is strictly crooked!” I have never forgotten this, and I am 79 years old now. :o)  What a class act he was!

PS: When he picked another number, the boy I tutored wound up the winner. The prize was a sweater and I loved it and bought it from him. LOL.