by Earlene Worsley

I remember being in Junior high school and watching “To Kill A Mockingbird” and we had to do a test on it. I learned alot just by watching that movie about racism. Fast forwarding many years later, I actually meet Mr. Gregory Peck in person, I was at a library or book store I can’t really remember and saw lots of people lined up to get their book sign by Mr. Peck, I had no idea about him being there all I know is that I was walking in the book store and my books in my hands begin to fall and before I knew it we met face to face, he had this beautiful smile on his face such a warm sweet attitude and proceeded to help me pick up my books, all I can remember in the beginning was his warm quiet “Hello” as he begins to place the books in my arms, his humility was so kind and thoughtful that although he had a line of fans waiting for his autograph he took the time to acknowledge me I was blown away. Up until this day I have never forgotten that. To me I must say what a true class act he was and his respect was so over the top. We need more men like that now these days!